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Hong Kong Street Eats, hongkongstreeteats, 香港街食, hk street eats


The idea for frozen Hong Kong egg waffles and Hong Kong Street Eats Ltd. first popped up when my wife got pregnant.  Hong Kong egg waffle is one of her favourite street food but when that belly started to grow, waiting in a long cue in the hot, humid Hong Kong weather was starting to become a difficult task.  I tried surprising her at home with an egg waffle from her favourite shop but no matter how quickly I rushed home it just doesn't have the same crispiness and freshness.

I remember back in my school days my mom would make batches of waffles and freeze them for future meals.  The waffles would taste just like fresh once they were reheated.  A light bulb went off in my head, can I freeze the Hong Kong egg waffles so I can reheat them at home when my pregnant wife gets that sudden craving?  

In Spring 2017, after a few months of experimenting and working some part-time shifts at my favourite Hong Kong egg waffle shop, I finally have my product.  It has the right crispy shell and fluffy center texture after just a quick heat up in either a toaster or an oven.  The product was created by keeping in mind that whatever my wife eats, it will also go directly to our baby.  The finest and most natural ingredients were selected for my recipe.  No preservatives and coloring were added; I even blended my own mix of ALUMINUM FREE baking powder.

Hong Kong Street Eats was founded wishing this product can find its way to everyone who has a love one at home whom craves for the fresh taste of this traditional Hong Kong tasty treat.

Hong Kong Street Eats, hongkongstreeteats, 香港街食, hk street eats, 雞蛋仔
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